The principle of operation of the pump for penis enlargement

Many men are dissatisfied with the parameters of their penis and do not want to put up with it. Therefore, various techniques are used to make the penis thicker and longer. Widely used and such a device as a pump for penis enlargement.

The principle of operation of the device

The pump is a cylindrical device. The device is designed to increase the length and width of the male penis and increase erection.

The pump works on a simple principle. When used, pressure is created around the male penis, which increases blood flow and fills the erectile tissue with blood. The same thing happens as with an erection. The penis very quickly becomes hard, swells, which allows you to increase its parameters.

Types of pumps and pumps

The penis enlargement pump, regardless of the type, has a single structural principle. It is a transparent bottle with centimeters depicted on it. There are also devices that create a vacuum and maintain the necessary pressure.

There are three types of pumps:

  1. Manual. The vacuum is created with a piston or pear. Such devices are less expensive, so they are widely used. However, men have to wait quite a long time for the effect of their use.
  2. Automatically. With this type of pump, the pressure in the bottle is generated by the electric pump already installed in the device. Batteries are required for operation. Automatic devices are preferable as they are highly efficient and allow you to control the pressure and suction.
  3. Water. The latest pump type. It differs in that water is used instead of air. This type of enlarger is safer, more effective, has fewer contraindications and lasts much longer than previous models.

Pumping occurs in two ways. The first is called packaging. Its essence is to stretch the tunic and increase the penis in length, but not in width. A narrow bottle is used for this, in which the penis cannot swell laterally, but is pulled up.

Safety precautions must be observed during training.

how a vacuum pump works

The second method is classic pumping. In this case, a wide bulb is used, which allows the penis to swell in all directions. This allows you to increase the width and length of the body.

selection criteria

The pump enlarger is chosen considering penis size and purpose. Experts advise the following:

  1. The length of the device should be about 3 cm longer.
  2. The width should be 2 cm larger than the diameter of the penis.
  3. For beginners, it is recommended to choose the manual type of attachment, as it is the easiest.

The above penis sizes are only taken into account when aroused.

When buying, you should pay attention to the materials from which the magnifying glass is made. The bottle must be strong enough to avoid accidental damage to the male organ.


It is not allowed to use a vacuum enlarger for men suffering from the following pathologies:

  1. thrombus formation.
  2. fibrosis.
  3. liver diseases.
  4. diseases of the kidneys.
  5. diabetes mellitus.
  6. Pathology of the heart and blood vessels.
  7. Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  8. Malfunction of the urinary organs.

If a man is not sure whether he can use the pump to increase the length and width of the penis, it is worth seeing a doctor for an examination.

advantages and disadvantages

The vacuum pump not only allows men to make their dignity longer and wider. The device also helps improve erectile function and prolong sexual contact by reducing the sensitivity of the organ. In addition, the device allows you to adjust the shape of the penis even in the presence of a curvature.

The negative aspects of the pump show up only when used incorrectly. Failure to follow the instructions has many unpleasant consequences.

effect of use

If you use the pump constantly, after 6 months the penis will change its size forever. To achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to take drugs at the same time that increase the production of sex hormones in men. However, this can only be done after consulting a doctor.

the effect of using a vacuum pump

It is important to know that a pump and a penis enlargement pump are one and the same.

Those who have already tried the pump note that they were able to achieve the desired result. After six months, the length of the penis increases by 3 cm and thickness by 2 cm.

Instructions for use

To use a vacuum pump for penis enlargement, you do not need any special skills. Before the procedure, the device should be lubricated to ensure gliding.

The male member must be lubricated with a special cream, the action of which allows you to normalize blood flow and increase blood flow to the penis.

Then the sex organ is inserted into the cylinder. Remove the air from the flask to create a vacuum environment. As soon as skin redness appears, you need to wait 30 seconds and start the air. The procedure should not last more than 15-20 minutes.

Possible Consequences

It is not for nothing that special instructions have been created for the use of the pump. If you carry out all manipulations strictly according to this, you can avoid adverse consequences. But sometimes men break the rules.

As a result, instead of the desired centimeters, you get the following:

  1. The appearance of a swollen ring at the base of the head of the penis. This is due to the stagnation of lymphatic fluid. This phenomenon can also occur with the correct use of a vacuum device. If you experience this side effect, you should stop using the device.
  2. Swelling of the penis due to the influx of a large amount of lymph.
  3. deterioration in erectile function.
  4. Redness of the penis, the appearance of bleeding.
  5. Thrombosis. The disease poses a great threat to human life, but it is extremely rare when using a pump.

In order to avoid negative consequences, it is important not only to use the pump correctly. It is also necessary not to ignore the presence of contraindications to its use. If this is the case, then you should look for other ways to increase penis size.

Homemade Devices

For men who do not want to spend money on buying a factory enlarger, there is an opportunity to do it at home with your own hands.

From the cuff pump

To create an airless environment, you must unwrap the cuff pump and turn the cuff upside down. Then you need to reassemble the device, but in reverse order.

Next you need to make a valve that will let out excess air. You can use the valve from the aquarium compressor for this. It must be connected to the application hose and sealed.

From the compressor

You can take the compressor from unnecessary refrigeration equipment. After removing the evaporator and condenser, cut the connecting pipes. After that, connect the compressor to the network.

Vacuum pump with compressor

The pump helps, but a greater effect is achieved when testosterone-containing medications are taken at the same time as using the pump or through the use of a filler.

Get an air filter at any car dealership. It must be attached to the compressor port. The filter must be connected to a rubber hose of the required size. Then it remains only to try the operation of the device.

With a syringe

Take a plastic tube, cut three pieces that should be 10cm each and attach them to the tee. The result is a tee with three branches.

Attach the nozzle of the syringe to the center stopcock. Install valves on the side outlets made.

It is important that one opens, and the second - inwards. In order not to get confused in the future, you should draw arrows showing the direction of the air.

use of plastic bottles

A fairly simple penis enlargement pump can be made from ordinary plastic bottles. It is only important to choose different container sizes. The larger one needs to cut off the top part to get the shape of a cylinder.

Make holes in the bottom of the second bottle and insert it into the first container. It is important that a large gap does not form between the walls. Then you need to connect a hose to a large container. You can take it out of the pump to inflate the wheels of a bike.

instrument care

To maximize the life of your magnifying glass, you need to take proper care of it. If the device has just been purchased and has not yet been used, then it must be thoroughly washed with soap and water, then dried and treated with an antiseptic. Also, it is necessary to wash the device after each use.

Do not treat the pump with hydrogen peroxide or boiling water, and also use it with greases during the lubrication process. Otherwise there is a high risk of damage.

By whom and when was vacuum erection therapy proposed and what does it mean?

The idea of vacuum erection therapy was introduced into the practice of modern andrology by an American citizen G. Osbon, who used the first vacuum erection device for his own needs in the early 1960s. Mr Osbon suffered from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) himself, and at the time ED was thought to be primarily psychogenic in origin. Of course, psychotherapy didn't help Mr. Osbon. He suffered from organic ED. Realizing that penile erection occurs due to blood flow, the talented inventor proposed that when the penis is placed in a cylinder with a pressure below atmospheric pressure, blood begins to flow into it under the action of a vacuum , which leads toshould lead to an erection. This is how the first vacuum erector was created, consisting of a cylinder and an interconnected pump. In the first half of the 1970s, series production of the vacuum erectors designed by G. Osbon began. Besides the device itself, this American inventor also developed a technique to overcome ED, which later became known as the Osbon Technique. The purpose of vacuum erection therapy or the Osbon technique is to achieve an erection of the penis placed in a vacuum cylinder and to maintain the erection obtained with the help of compression rings.

  • 90% efficiency;
  • There is no need to use drugs with side effects.
  • Non-aggressive method of treatment;
  • Helps produce an erection while observing all precautions.

Sex shops often advertise and sell vacuum pumps to increase potency. How effective are they?

First of all, you should know that worldwide really working vacuum erectors for medical use (approved for medical use) are only sold through doctors, medical institutions or pharmacies. Because only a doctor specially trained in the field of vacuum therapy in andrology can teach the effective and safe use of a vacuum erector. Secondly, sex shops are always interested in buying cheaper systems that are mainly made in China and other Asian countries to get more profit from sales. These systems are cheap for the following reasons:

  • Cheap materials and poor workmanship and assembly.
  • Low pumping power, unable to create and maintain low enough pressure in the cylinder needed to ensure full blood flow to the penis and onset of an erection. Sometimes instead of a pump, an ordinary rubber bulb is simply attached to a primitive little cylinder that cannot create a vacuum at all.
  • Imperfect design and inferior compression rings.
  • Short lifespan.

Of course, no one in a sex shop can give you complete and truthful information about all the features of using a vacuum erector, because. This requires special training. Therefore, buying such a "sex shop" vacuum erector will most likely be a waste of money for you.

How is a vacuum erector used in ED for vacuum erection therapy using the Osbon method?

First of all, it should be clear that a vacuum erector, like all other conservative methods of treating ED or male impotence, does not completely cure it, but only provides a way to achieve and maintain an erection necessary for sexual intercourse.

The vacuum erector kit always includes a vacuum pump, vacuum cylinder, compression rings and personal water-soluble lubricant, instructions and/or videocassette on how to use the device. Sometimes the kit is supplemented with a device for installing compression rings on the cylinder and some other devices. Using a vacuum erector to achieve and maintain an erection, followed by intercourse, involves several phases:

Stage 1. The compression ring is first placed on the lubricated edge of the vacuum cylinder. The penis is also lubricated and inserted into the cylinder. A vacuum is created in the cylinder with the help of a pump. It is important that no air is sucked in between the rim of the cylinder and the skin. To do this, the cylinder must be pressed against the body quite strongly, and the lubricant applied to the rim of the cylinder will contribute to the tightness of the contact. Sometimes you should shave the skin around the penis. If necessary, the depth of the vacuum is adjusted via the pressure release button on the pump. Lubricating the penis with a lube will help it slide better into the cylinder as it begins to contract.

Stage 2. Under the action of the vacuum, the penis fills with blood and enters an erect state. By working with a vacuum pump, the maximum possible tension of the penis should be achieved. The signal that the erection has reached its maximum is the strong and moderate pain in the glans. It goes without saying that an erection obtained with the help of a vacuum erector may not be as strong as your own erection that you had before developing ED.

Stage 3. The compression ring is dropped from the cylinder onto the base of the penis, which is held in an erect state by this ring. The patient can have sexual intercourse. The compression ring can remain on the penis for up to 30 minutes.

Stage 4. After intercourse, the compression ring is removed and the penis comes to a resting state.

When using a vacuum erector, it should be noted that the presence of a compression ring on the penis for more than 30 minutes can lead to poor circulation and reduce problems such as swelling and even necrosis of penile tissue, sensitivity of the glans, progression of scarring in the cavernous bodies of the penis and worsening of theED. In no case should you fall asleep after intercourse with the compression ring not removed from the penis.

For the convenience of using a vacuum erector and facilitating intercourse, you should use the water-soluble lubricant that comes with the device. The size of the compression ring is chosen individually depending on the diameter of the penis. It is possible to wear 2 compression rings at the same time.

For what other purposes can a vacuum erector be used in andrology?

The main area of application of a vacuum erector in andrology is, of course, to achieve an erection and for sexual intercourse. This area of application will be interesting for men who cannot achieve independent erections or suffer from ED. However, there are several other areas where a vacuum erector can be used by both healthy men and patients with various penile disorders.

  1. vacuum massage. In our country, this area of using a vacuum erector is called local negative pressure therapy or LNP therapy. Their idea is that regular emptying of the penis leads to stretching of the erectile tissue, improving its blood supply, increasing its elasticity and eliminating mild forms of organic ED, as well as preventing erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, there are currently too few scientific papers that confirm the correctness of this idea statistically correctly. However, we consider this area of application of the vacuum erector to be justified and recommend our patients to use a vacuum erector both to prevent ED and to improve their own erection quality. Sometimes LOD therapy is used in the complex treatment of organic ED along with erection pills and intracavernous pharmacotherapy.
  2. enlargement of the penis. According to some researchers, vacuuming the penis, stretching the erectile tissue, increases the length and width of the penis. As with vacuum massage, not all researchers agree on the advisability of using a vacuum erector for penis enlargement. There is no generally accepted technique for using a vacuum erector for this purpose. However, it is known that vacuum erection therapy is well established as an auxiliary method of penis enlargement, used in combination with surgical enlargement.
  3. straightening of the penis. With congenital (intracavernous notochord) or acquired (Peyronie's disease) curvature of the penis, when its deviation from the horizontal axis does not exceed 45 °, according to some researchers, it is possible to effectively use a vacuum erector to straighten the penis.
  4. Overcoming premature ejaculation. In the presence of premature ejaculation, the penis can be maintained in an erect state with the help of compression rings included in the vacuum erector kit, which are placed on the base of the penis after an erection.
  5. Free erection. A vacuum erector can be used to "complete" one's erection if it is not hard enough or to achieve better swelling of the glans in patients who have worn a penile prosthesis.
  6. Sexual rehabilitation program after radical prostatectomy and other radical operations for malignant tumors of the pelvic organs.

In recent years, as a result of the improvement in the quality of diagnosis of prostate cancer, this disease is increasingly being recognized at an early stage, when there is a high probability that it can be completely cured with the help of radical prostatectomy. The disadvantage of this operation is that 20-100% of those operated on, depending on the surgical technique and the experience of the surgeon, develop erectile dysfunction. If the patient is included in the program for the rehabilitation of erectile function in the first months after the operation, the chance of restoring one's own erection increases significantly. This program, an integral part of which is the use of a vacuum erector, is described in detail on our website in the Prevention of Urological Diseases section.

What does a penis look like after a vacuum pump?

Side effects:

  • There isn't enough hardness at the base of the penis;
  • Red and purple spots appear on the skin;
  • uncomfortable feeling of erection;
  • Skin color darkens, becomes dry and numb;
  • Decreased erection for a short time;
  • Pain from a hematoma on the penis.

The concept of camping

Clamping is a method by which men manage to increase the thickness of their penis. This method is considered really extreme, so many doctors are against such experiments. Natural penis enlargement is performed by creating high blood pressure in the penis.

medical opinion on the technique of clamping

Doctors warn that this technique is not for beginners. The consequences can be dire

The procedure is carried out strictly according to the established technique. If you deviate from this, the risk of developing serious consequences increases. These include:

  • Change the color of the organ's skin to a dark shade.
  • head numbness.
  • Formation of hematomas in the genital area.
  • Stasis processes of blood in the tissues of the penis.
  • Damage and breakage of the capillaries.
  • worsening of erection.

In order to avoid such complications when practicing clamping, you must first try more gentle methods, for example, jelqing, julie.

preparation for therapy

Before starting a session, you need to consult a specialist. Only a specialist can examine the patient and identify contraindications to the use of vacuum therapy. Sometimes the causes of contraindications can be psychological aspects that are easy to eliminate.

Wash the pump with warm water and soap before use. It is forbidden to pour boiling water over them or boil them. Also, you cannot use the pump for several people. The pump is quite fragile and must be handled with care and not dropped. The vacuum must be stored in a dark and dry place at a temperature not higher than 35 degrees.

Procedure execution algorithm:

  • Before putting on the pump, it is better to lubricate the base with a special lubricant.
  • Grease that is too greasy makes the vacuum pump unusable;
  • Place the penis at the base of the pump and press firmly against the scrotum;
  • Before starting the session, you need to lubricate the penis with an ointment to increase blood supply.
  • Next, air must be pumped out of the pump, which increases the pressure in the pump and creates blood flow to the organ;
  • Hold the vacuum with your left hand, and with the other you need to pump out the air from the inside with the help of a pear.
  • In the bottle, the hole must be clamped, and if there is a valve, close it;
  • During the session you can notice a slight increase in erection and hyperemia of the penis. After half a minute you need to open the valve and allow air to enter the flask.
  • The process takes about 20 minutes. During this time, an erection can occur about 20 times for one minute.


There are a number of diseases, conditions in which the use of such a device is not recommended. Absolute contraindications include:

  1. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  2. thrombosis, arteriosclerosis.
  3. pelvic varicose veins.
  4. Diseases of an infectious or inflammatory nature.
  5. Diseases of the genital area (urological in nature).
  6. The presence of tumor formations of various origins.
  7. childhood or youth.
  8. Mental disorders.
  9. violation of blood coagulation.

And also classes are not carried out if they bring discomfort and are accompanied by the appearance of pain. In this case, they will not bring any benefit, but only harm human health.

There are no other serious contraindications, the device can be used by men of different ages, from 18 to 65 years old.