Is penis enlargement real?

Statistics say that 90% of men in the world have a normal penis size. However, one in three of them is trying to figure out how to enlarge a penis, preferably at home. However, someone is ready for radical measures - surgical treatment.

Penis measurement before enlargement


If by measuring it was possible to establish a small size of the penis, then the next problem becomes a choice: how to enlarge the penis. It would be more logical to undergo an examination by a doctor who will determine the reasons for the discrepancy with male standards and say whether or not to enlarge the penis.

Methods of enlargement relate to conservative mechanical effects on the intimate organ, there are:

  1. Manual or carried out by hand;
  2. Hardware rooms are divided into methods with extenders and a vacuum pump.

1. Manual techniques

  • These are self-massage techniques that lead to mechanical stretching of the organ. The most popular way to enlarge the penis is called jelqing (milking). It exists in two variants:
    1. wet;
    2. dry jelqing.
  • It is better for beginners to start with a wet one. It is performed in the shower with hot water or with mild lubricants and gel. A man warms up his penis by wrapping a hot water soaked towel or washcloth around it.
  • It is necessary to maintain the temperature by changing washcloths every half minute. If a cream or gel is used for lubrication, it is applied to the hand, then the intimate organ is moistened.
  • After warming up, the torso is wrapped around a ring of 1 and 2 fingers at the base and the movements begin with effort towards the head and back. The intensity of movement is high, at least 100 movements are performed with each hand.
  • A woman is surprised by the size of a man's enlarged penis
  • The duration of the exercise, the number of movements and the strength of the compression will increase, reaching up to 500 in 15-20 minutes. A month of classes will increase the length and thickness of the penis by 0. 5 cm, perhaps the potency will increase.
  • Dry jelqing is done in the same way. In both variants, the speed of movement is important - first gently from the base to the head, and sharply accelerate the movement from the head to the base, then vice versa.

The negative consequences of this method of enlargement are traumatization of the penis up to damage to blood vessels, pain during erection.

2. Hardware methods

  • Extenders are devices used to stretch and straighten the penis. They are able to both thicken and lengthen the penis. Tissue stretching promotes cell division. Therefore, manufacturers promise a stable and long-term effect of increasing the male organ.
  • The model of the extender is selected individually, modern models can be worn by a man for 3 hours. Total stretching training time is 10 hours and lasts up to six months or more. The resulting new penis size does not disappear after you stop wearing the device.
  • You can not greatly increase the load. If you start penis growth training without preparation, the effect can be exactly the opposite.
  • Vacuum pumps - electric and manual - are sold in a pharmacy. Due to the creation of pressure drops, blood flow to the genitals increases and the penis enlarges. Temporary painful erections and bruising are possible. The termination of the action resets the indicators to the previous ones, but at the time of exposure they are plus 4-5 cm.

3. Hanging loads

This is for those men who are willing to step up at least a little bit at any cost.

  • There are options - a load of 1 kg for 40 minutes 2 times or 5 kg for 5 minutes 6 times a day!
  • The suspension is carried out in a calm state, that is, the selected weight is attached to the soft genital organ.
  • Let the suspension lift a member and keep the allotted time. The transition from quiet to active beating occurs by swinging the load with the penis to the right and left, back and forth, in a circle. Unpleasant sensations cause the cells to divide intensively, which creates the effect of increase.

Andrologists rate this method as ineffective.

4. Kegel complex

  • The aim of the exercises is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, especially the pubococcygeus muscle, to increase potency.
  • You can feel the muscle by pressing your fingers on the perineum behind the testicles. Training is done by contraction - as if a person is trying to stop the stream of urine. It is not necessary to pinch the muscle.
  • penis enlargement exercises
  • You can sit on the floor and walk on your buttocks. Over time, a man can increase class time during sedentary work, walking and standing. With this tone, you can improve the quality of intimate life, but the size of the penis cannot be significantly increased.

5. What is penis building?

About 40 exercises recommended for home - program Penisbuilding 2. 0. It promises to enlarge the penis without surgery, it does not inspire confidence in andrologists and sexologists.

6. Special Fund

Drugs in the form of creams, ointments, gels and aerosols are part of etiotropic and combination therapy.

  • The drug that affects the cause of underdevelopment of the penis due to a lack of hormones (decrease in testosterone) is a Belgian gel. It contains the active form of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone. Contraindications:
    • acute prostatitis;
    • BPH;
    • prostate cancer.

    Caution should be exercised when using it in severe diseases of the heart, kidneys and liver.

    7. Vitamins and nutrition for growth

    If it is necessary to focus on increasing, the recommendations boil down to the following:

    1. Vitamins A, E normalize the male reproductive system.
    2. C helps maintain a normal blood supply to the genitals.
    3. D supports the growth of the intimate organ.
    4. B6 improves sperm quality.

    Vitamins can be used not only internally, but also externally. For example, rub an oily solution of vitamin E into the skin of the penis.

    It is important to use the following foods:

    • lean meat as a source of protein and a stimulant for normal testosterone secretion;
    • Seafood and fish provide vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and zinc;
    • Leafy greens, greens, banana, cherry, avocado, figs, ginger, nuts, berries are sources of vitamins and microelements;
    • Dairy and sour milk products are a source of calcium.
    Foods rich in vitamins for penis enlargement

    Greasy, sweet, fresh pastries and white bread will not benefit and bring metabolic disorders that lead to a decrease in testosterone production.

    Positive effect on changing the size and performance of male dignity:

    1. Nutrition on the background of physical activity.
    2. Physical Education and Sport, Yoga.
    3. Sufficient rest and regular sex.
    4. In combination with the doctor-recommended safe method for penis enlargement (extender, pump, gel etc. ).

    Is surgery required

    In the presence of medical indications - the consequences of an injury or disease of the genital organ - plastic surgery is the only real chance for a man to enlarge his penis. Operatively, the plastic is performed with silicone prostheses, your own muscle or fat tissue.

    The problem of a small penis, not in size, but in the head. No need to increase, you need to learn how to use it properly.

    Penis enlargement surgery

    feminine appearance

    1. Men enlarge their penises to please a lady, but most women prefer thicker ones rather than longer ones. The length of the vagina does not allow you to penetrate deeply into a huge sexual organ without pain. Dyspareunia occurs, forcing a woman to refuse intimacy.
    2. The first 5-7 cm of the vagina is sexually sensitive, so the tighter the wall contact in this area, the greater the woman's pleasure. 80% of women enjoy clitoral stimulation, not vaginal stimulation - so what does length have to do with it?
    3. For most women, foreplay, attention, affection, tenderness are important. If her chosen one, in addition to his average penis size, has the ability to use these tools, then he does not have to worry, his wife will always be satisfied.
    4. Do not forget about positions that allow you to narrow the vagina or increase the depth of penetration.


    People tend to place great importance on self-esteem. It is sad when its increase in some men results in attempts to increase the length and thickness of the penis.

    If there are men with modest organ size, then there are women with vaginas to match. Find yourself and give yourself love, care and radiant orgasms.