How to enlarge a male penis at home: instructions

The size of the penis is a topical problem of men of different ages. But few opt for horrible and expensive cosmetic surgery. The rest seek out and practice other techniques for increasing a member in the home aspects. Excellent results show special foods, masturbation using a certain technology, massage with a lubricant and special exercises. For more information on all of the home methods, as well as tips on how to introduce traditional tools and attachments, see the article below.

What is the usual penis size?

Before choosing and using any penis enlargement techniques at home, make sure you really have a problem that needs to be addressed. The first crucial factor is nationality. Each civilization has its own characteristics of what penis size is the norm.

If we consider Europeans, then, for example, the Hungarians are 16. 1 cm, the French and Czechs are 15. 9-16 cm, the country Thailand indicates - 9-10 cm.

In the international classification there are several concepts of deviation from the norm:

  • micropenis - less than 10 cm;
  • small penis - 10-12 cm;
  • middle link - 10-18 cm;
  • large penis - more than 18 cm.

Basically! >According to a medical certificate, the average penis size is 13-18 cm when erect and 8-10 cm when relaxed. With all this, the normal thickness is 3-4 cm, and the girth is 10-15 cm.

Step-by-step guide to penis enlargement at home

At this point, when you see for sure how appropriate the need for penis growth is, consider what other techniques are appropriate in the domestic aspects. Practice shows that only a complete approach gives real results. What you should definitely use:

  • Nutrition for penis growth - naturally improves the functioning of the whole organism and the reproductive system, individually unsurpassed at the age of 23;
  • Masturbation - improves blood circulation, increases the extensibility of the cavernous and spongy bodies of the phallus;
  • massage with a lubricant - increases the elasticity of smooth muscles, improves blood circulation, strengthens erection, provokes tissue regeneration;
  • other specialty exercises - some stretch tissues, others increase blood flow.

The main condition for achieving the result is the use of techniques that strictly follow the instructions and routine. If you skip classes, pay attention to the requirements, the rate of increase is small if not zero.

special food

Almost everyone resorts to constructive and dangerous ways to increase the size of the phallus, not realizing that the solution to the problem lies on the surface. Knowing whether it is possible to lengthen and thicken the reproductive organ with special foods can give you amazing results. In fact, up to the age of 21, growth can be directly or indirectly affected by nutrition, on which the hormonal background, the functioning of the whole organism, its growth and development depend.

The most useful products are awarded:

useful products for penis growth
  • Nuts;
  • Honey;
  • Sesame;
  • buckwheat;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Seafood;
  • Dairy products;
  • fat fish.

Before compiling a menu of products that increase the size of the genital organ, you should come up with a few main rules:

  • the intake of certain products should be repeated;
  • from all harmful products you must give up 100 percent;
  • along with diet, practice various exercises and massage for penis growth;
  • lead an active lifestyle that increases immunity and strengthens the whole body;
  • give up bad habits;
  • Watch your weight, because extra pounds decrease the potency and work of the body as a whole.

Even with proper nutrition, you can reset the effectiveness of the method if you simultaneously consume harmful foods such as alcoholic beverages, excess sugar and salt, beer, canned food and smoked meat.

List of products for natural penis growth

What products strengthen the erection, enhance the properties of sperm, increase blood circulation, and also promote tissue regeneration and stretching of the cavernous bodies:

  1. Nuts are a source of energy and strength, iodine for normal metabolism, amino acids for cleaning cholesterol and toxins.
  2. Honey is a source of trace elements and amino acids that have anti-inflammatory and strengthening effects. Consistent use will improve the quality of erection and male semen, increase the mobility of germ cells.
  3. Sesame is the first product in almost all oriental dishes and is therefore a source of calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. All of these substances increase testosterone, which is responsible for sexual desire, sperm quality, erection strength and penis growth. Hormone deficiency is the main reason for slow growth.
  4. Buckwheat is a grain rich in trace elements and amino acids, which are essential for the functioning of the whole organism. The main task of this product is to improve the composition of the blood and the growth of the phallus.
  5. Seafood is a powerful aphrodisiac and a source of iodine that stimulates the production of sex hormones. This, in turn, strengthens the erection, lengthens it and therefore contributes to the stretching and growth of penile tissues. Constant consumption of seafood cleanses blood vessels of cholesterol, activates blood circulation and increases feelings during orgasm.
  6. Fresh vegetables and fruits are sources of natural vitamins. For example, E neutralizes the effects of the environment, C thins the blood, increasing blood flow, and B promotes testosterone production. Trace elements ennoble the synthesis of sex hormones necessary for the growth of the phallus.
  7. Dairy products are a source of amino acids without which penis enlargement is unrealistic. Calcium and protein increase the property of sperm, other bacteria help increase immunity.
  8. Oily fish is a source of omega-3 acids that support normal human life.

Free penis growth methods

Avoiding the dangerous and expensive phallus enlargement surgery, you can use free methods to grow your organ a few centimeters with your own hands and at home. What shows the best results:

  1. Real masturbation is a kind of phallus stretching exercise.
  2. Massage - manual action increases blood circulation.
  3. Special Exercises.

Only with the correct implementation of the given methods, as well as unchanged practices for several months, you can achieve 18-20 cm.

Masturbating with a special technique

Few men realize that with proper masturbation, this is not only a pleasant act, but also a useful exercise for penis growth.

How to masturbate:

  • apply cream or lubricant to the penis;
  • Warm up with stroking movements of the fabric;
  • achieve a bigger erection;
  • make a ring from 2 fingers of the hand (index and thumb);
  • make ring movements from the base to the head with light pressure;
  • Finish the process with ejaculation.

So that masturbation does not replace sex life 100%, it can generally be done less frequently, but with a certain frequency.

Perform a penis massage with a lubricant

Another way to enlarge a penis is self-massage with your own hands. Properly creating a technique, you can not only increase the diameter and length, but also improve the potency and quality of the erection. So continue with the following steps:

  • warm the organ with a hot compress, soak a towel in hot water and attach to the organ.
  • Repeat the warm-up several times before beginning the massage.
  • Apply a lubricant to the dry skin of the phallus and gradually spread it throughout the torso.
  • Massage with stroking, kneading and stretching movements.

We do special exercises

If you want to increase the male penis, but there are contraindications to other methods, simple but effective exercises can help. The following types are most commonly used:

  1. Stretching - before the exercise, the phallus is warmed up with a massage or a warm compress, after which it is taken by the head and stretched at different angles. At first, do everything carefully, without unnecessary actions, but increase it moderately so as not to damage the fabric. One session lasts 10-15 minutes, you need to practice once a day for several months.
  2. Stretching – warm up the tissue with a massage. Next, pull the penis down and back and slowly sit on it. The gymnastic exercise is aimed at strengthening the base of the phallus, lengthening it and increasing its diameter by increasing the pressure on the cavernous tissues.
  3. Flexion - such a gymnastic exercise requires an incomplete erection and preheating of the tissues. After that, the phallus is bent in different directions and listens to your feelings. If pain appears, it is worth stopping the manipulation.

Paid home methods

Enlarging the phallus at home can cost money when it comes to the following techniques:

  • the use of devices for penis growth - an extender, a vacuum pump, hanging weights, etc . ;
  • the use of gels and lubricants - plant extracts stimulate blood circulation and extensibility of phallic tissues.

Both options can be both an independent practice and an addition to free methods of increasing efficiency. It is important to get acquainted with the features of each proposed method in detail, to learn the rules of implementation, so as not to cause a "reverse effect".

We use devices

Most often, in addition to physical exercises and self-massage, special devices and devices are used to intensively stretch the erectile tissue and increase blood pressure. What could it be:

  • vacuum pump - a limb is placed in a certain environment, in which a vacuum is created, it activates blood flow and changes the diameter and length of the phallus to very possible features;
  • Extender - a device for stretching the phallus, attached to the hips or belt, fixes the organ with rods and a ring near the head and moderately stretches the organ in length (often the device is used to correct the curvatureto eliminate);
  • Weights are a controversial method of hanging weights from the phallus, so it causes tissue injury if used irrationally, but in general, hanging weights gets results.

We apply special gels

An increase in the length and thickness of the phallus is possible by a home method, introducing special preparations and means - lubricants. They contain natural ingredients that simulate blood flow and expansion of penile tissue. There are also hormonal drugs that are used only for the purpose of a specialist doctor.

There are 3 types of lubricants:

  1. Fast-acting ointments - they are applied immediately before sexual intercourse to quickly provide a strong erection and a very possible size of the phallus.
  2. Penis growth gels are natural remedies that require long-term and constant use over several months to achieve a cumulative effect.
  3. Auxiliary ointments - used along with other methods, including during the introduction of devices and attachments for penis growth.

If it is necessary here and at the moment, we use nozzles

Sometimes there is a situation when a man needs to quickly increase his penis without ointments, gels and exercises. In this case, special devices are applicable - nozzles, which not only give the organ dimensions, but also strengthen the erection and increase the property of sexual intercourse. There are different types of nozzles:

  • Nozzles of an open type - appear when it is necessary to strengthen the property of sexual intercourse and increase the diameter of the penis;
  • Nozzles of a closed type - they contribute to a long and quality sex, as the length of the phallus increases and the erection is lengthened.

Latex and silicone nozzles are also being considered, which at best promise up to +10 cm to the available dimensions. Such devices are used by those men who are concerned about the lack of phallus size only during intercourse.

Beware of popular recipes!

You can lengthen the phallus with the help of folk recipes and remedies. There are several known methods:

  1. Massage with soda - the skin is lubricated with oil, sprinkled with soda and gently massaged with a sponge for 5 minutes. After holding for 2 minutes, wash off the composition.
  2. Soda bath - soda is diluted in warm water, the phallus is immersed there, which prevents inflammation and activates blood circulation. The function is performed an hour before the intended intimacy, it is important that the penis is in a state of erection.
  3. Soda scrub – first, a man takes a hot bath, then makes a soda scrub on the skin of the penis, and then rinses off and applies a lubricant from the options listed above.
  4. Soda compress - soda is mixed with honey, after which it is applied to the shaft of the phallus, bypassing the head. The product is kept for 10-20 minutes and washed off with warm water.
  5. Herbs - an infusion of thyme for internal use, epimedium, tincture of ginseng or eurycoma longifolia, alcohol tincture of garlic or a decoction of wormwood can help solve such a problem.

Before resorting to such methods, consult a specialist doctor to avoid side effects.

The use of conventional means requires careful adherence to instructions, recipes and schemes. It doesn't matter which herb or soda can be both beneficial and harmful and cause side effects.

Summary: Step-by-step action plan

So, we got acquainted with the most effective and popular ways to increase the length, width and diameter of a member of the house without outside help for free and for a fee using devices and conventional means.

We can say that they start adjusting the diet, focusing on products suitable for the reproductive system.

Then, in addition to the diet, you can start with a light self-massage and masturbation according to the instructions described above, and after some time introduce special exercises into your practice (you can watch the techniques of execution in the video lessons). If you want to speed up the result, paid options are used - gels, lubricants and lubricants for penis growth, we also use special devices.

As for the nozzles, they all give only a short-term, but quick and guaranteed result. They do not contradict the practices listed above and are used more quickly to enhance sex characteristics. Classic remedies are also relevant, but require prior consultation with a specialist.

Only a complete approach and consistent application can bring about the expected changes.