5 ways to enlarge the penis

What does a small dick mean to a man? Insufficient penis size often leads to shyness and self-doubt. Men themselves believe that a big cock is the key to sexual attractiveness and the quality of sex. True, a question arises.

What kind of penis can be considered normal?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that measuring a penis is done in an erect state. The average penis is approx. 13-15 cm. By the way, the size of the penis depends on the height of a man. In simple words, for tall and short men, the norm will be different. It is about 8-10% of a man's height.

Second, if your penis is a perfect fit for both you and your partner, then you shouldn't even think about any norms there. However, if the size of your penis seems insufficient to you and it does not give you peace of mind, this can be corrected.

Penis enlargement methods

It is worth noting that today you can find many penis enlargement methods. Of course, not all of them will be equally effective. Do not forget about the physiological characteristics of each person: the same remedy can act differently on different people. So what can you use to enlarge the penis?

Hang a load

This method is considered one of the oldest. It is still used today in third world countries.

The principle of this method is very simple. A load hangs on a limb for several hours a day. After a while, the penis grows in size. The growth occurs exclusively in length, but not in width.


penis extender

This device is in fact an evolution of the previous penis enlargement method. How does it work?

The extender is attached to the penis in such a way that it stretches it.

It has a resizing mechanism. Change this parameter - make the penis grow. Usually you need to increase the size of the extender by about 0. 75 cm per month. In this case, you will not experience excessive discomfort. However, be prepared to get used to the extender first.

A pronounced result can be achieved after 6-8 months of regular classes. The average increase in length is 2-4 cm, width - 1-2 cm. Experts say that the result obtained will last forever.

tablets and ointments

This method is probably the easiest and most effortless. However, it is also effective.

Modern pharmaceuticals have reached such a level that they can even enlarge the penis. True, before buying a particular product, you should familiarize yourself with its composition and reviews of people who have already used it.

vacuum pump

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

If you've seen the Austin Powers movie, you know what it is.

This device consists of a bottle that is placed on the penis and a bulb that is used to pump air out of the bottle. This creates a vacuum, causing blood to start flowing into the penis and causing it to increase in size. And that in both length and width.

You can't do more than 15 minutes a day for 5 minutes a session. A significant increase in length with a pump cannot be achieved. One study showed that within six months of daily 20-minute sessions, the gain is only 3mm.

With half an hour of daily training, you can enlarge the penis by about 2 cm and improve the erection. The result of using the pump is preserved forever.


This method can be attributed to the most radical. It should only be resorted to in the most extreme cases, when other methods have proved ineffective.

You must understand that the operation is quite a risky path. You must be sure of the doctor's qualifications. But even this does not always guarantee the absence of problems. For example, after surgery along with penis enlargement, there may be a problem with erection.

To be successful in this life. Self-confidence is required. If you are deprived of this due to the insufficient size of your penis, today you can find a way out of this situation. We hope you found it in this article.