All About Penis Extensions

Tips for penis enlargement

The penis enlargement nozzle is an invention of the intimate goods industry for men who are dissatisfied with the size of the organ or simply want to diversify their sex life, giving their partner special sensations.The device makes it possible to increase the length and volume of the penis by the required centimeters in order to shape its surface more. A wide range of models allows a man not only to please a woman, but also to enjoy herself.

Appointment of nozzles

Most men purchase jets to increase the length of the penis and its girth.Some with the help of such devices solve the problem of sluggish erection or its complete absence. There are couples who love to diversify their intimate life with sex toys. You need such products only for the novelty of sensations.

Advantages of nozzles:

  • Increase penis size;
  • prolong sexual intercourse;
  • Increase a man's self-esteem;
  • Increase a woman's feelings.

Different types of products help to smooth out any penile imperfections. In some cases even unnoticed by a woman.

There are nozzles and cons:

  1. Finding the right size can be difficult.
  2. Not all women like the sensations they create. Complaints about discomfort and even pain are not uncommon.
  3. Men don't always have fun.
  4. Some models slip during sex.

The end result depends on the partner's attitude towards such things, her feelings, as well as the man's ability to use the jet correctly.. Worn incorrectly, constantly falling or staying in the vagina, awkward movements - all this makes sex a strange experiment that makes a woman either laugh or get angry.


Penis appendages can be conditionally divided intotwo main types: closed and open. In the second case, the glans is completely or partially free, the man loses almost nothing in sensations.

nozzlescan be a complete imitation of the peniscolor, texture, shape.There are multi-colored models that look like toys - with pimples, antennae, bulges, ribs. Existcombined jets, which says "for double penetration" and a heel for clitoral stimulation. The most exciting sensations are offered by advanced models that haveVibration function and remote control. Many products are supplemented with fastening rings, scrotum handles - these can be chosen in case of problems with erection.

A separate category of nozzles - extender condoms. They differ from conventional contraceptives in greater density (thickness from 1. 5 to 3 mm). They have a thickening in the head area or are completely covered with antennae, pimples, spines or ribs. There are models that completely replicate the appearance of a penis and are indistinguishable from a real organ. Made from latex, offer maximum sensitivity, easy to stretch. These jets are ideal for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Can be used multiple times.

basic materials

The following materials are used for the manufacture of nozzles: cyberskin, silicone, latex. The most expensive is Cyberskin (cybersilicone). There are different types:cyberskin, loveclone, loveskin, soft touch, ultra realistic. This is a group of materials that are as close as possible to human skin in texture. In fact, they are thermoplastic.Cyberskin hats are the most realistic, but they are expensive and require special care:

  • Lubricant should be water or silicone based only;
  • Do not use cleaning products containing alcohol. It is better to wash products with liquid antibacterial soap or a special agent. After washing, the nozzle should be blotted with a soft cloth, allowed to dry, and then treated with talcum powder;
  • The porous structure absorbs odors well, so it is recommended to protect the nozzles with a condom when using it;
  • Store the product in a separate container or bag.

With improper care, the Cyberskin hat loses its appearance, velvety texture and can even partially decompose.

silicone- a product of chemical synthesis of polymers, durable, elastic, hypoallergenic elastomeric material.The nozzles are soft, heat up quickly, do not give a foreign body sensation and are unpretentious in care.. The only thing silicone extensions can't handle is grease-based lube.

natural latex (realistic)- Material containing more than 80% Hevea juice.Nozzles from it are soft, warm and pleasant to the touch.. Synthetic latex (elastic polyurethane foam) is stiffer. Oil lubricants with nozzles made of such materials are also not recommended.

Overview of popular models

Penis attachments are offered by almost all manufacturers of intimate articles. You can buy both a budget option (according to reviews, some of them resemble toys for dogs), and expensive options that are as realistic and functional as possible.

For a variety of consumers, the domestic manufacturer produces several nozzles of various modifications. You can buy a thicker one with an open head covered in silicone tips, or an extension with a head facing up.

Nozzles, optically as close as possible to the natural organ. They include a wide range of products that differ in relief, size and shape. Most popular modelhas a working length of 20 cm, the cavity inside 14 cm, the inner diameter 3. 5 cm, the outer diameter 5 cm. An erection ring is provided at the base of the nozzle, into which the scrotum is threaded.

realistic tail attachment

If the penis is less than 14 cm long, it is erectThe nozzle keeps its shape and does not bend. Softer jets just hang when the penis doesn't completely fill the internal cavity - it looks even worse than a microdick. Only men with a strong erection and an average penis size can use the soft nozzle without any problems. In such conditions, it provides an increase in length, diameter and the most realistic sensations for a partner.

Open multifunctional silicone ring. Only the base of the penis is wrapped, a separate ring is provided for the scrotum, there is also a clitoral stimulator and a vibrating ball. The penis enlarges due to the pressure created at the base.

Cone-shaped nozzle made of highly elastic silicone, the surface is provided with nubs for additional stimulation. Maintains an erection, clears the head, increases the thickness of the penis.Length 10 cm, cone base diameter - 6 cm, minimum - 3 cm.

The original nozzle is made of black silicone. Diameter 3. 6 cm, length 11 cm, only wraps around the penis in two places, leaving the head and most of the torso open. Enhances sensations with vibration and clitoral stimulator. Control panel included.

Transparent soft nozzle covered with small nubs.Increases length by up to 5 cm, volume by up to 3 cm.

Nozzle on the penis with pimples

Black thermoplastic rubber nozzle frame. The penis is almost completely open, except for the head (the pad gives an increase of 2. 5 cm). A vibrating ball is hidden in the upper part (for optimal stimulation of the G-spot). Product diameter 3. 5 cm, total length 17. 7 cm.

How to choose and where to buy

Some men had a chance to get into an absurd situation when the nozzle turned out to be smaller than an erect penis and it was not possible to put it on. That's whyIn addition to the appearance, length and material, attention should also be paid to the dimensions of the internal cavity of the product. All nozzle parameters are usually indicated on the packaging, it remains to find out the indicators of your own penis.

The circumference is measured on the erect penis at its thickest point. To do this, the barrel is wrapped with a centimeter tape or a simple thread, which then needs to be laid out on a ruler and the length measured. The resulting value is divided by 3. 14 - this is the diameter

You should also consider the degree of elasticity and stretchability of the material that the nozzle is made of.. The better it keeps its shape, the more accurate the size should be. There is no need to indiscriminately take products made of highly elastic materials, hoping that the nozzle will definitely stretch on the penis. With a good erection, blood vessels are transferred, which is dangerous for tissue hypoxia.

The penis extender can be bought in sex shops, as well as ordered from specialized resources or in popular online stores.It is advisable to choose domestic websites, since most of them offer online consultations. It is possible to anonymously report your parameters and wishes about the quality of the product and get comprehensive advice on the choice.

It is not recommended to make penis attachments with your own hands - it is much more troublesome than just ordering a cheap industrial version. Homemade toys can cause injury, infection, or allergies.

how to use

Before the first use, each nozzle is washed with water and antibacterial soap or with a special solution (sold in sex shops), after sex the same procedure is carried out. Many manufacturers put not only batteries in the kit, but also cleaning and lubricating products.

The way of tightening depends on the type of product:

  1. Reusable condoms are unrolled from the head according to the principle of conventional condoms.
  2. Highly elastic attachments are stretched wide with the fingers, then a penis is inserted.
  3. With elastic nozzles (for example, made of latex), the penis is carefully threaded into the upper hole, the scrotum dips into the lower ring. To make it easier to slide, you can use a lubricant or special talcum powder.

The way of tightening is described in more detail in the instructions for use for each type of product. Regardless of what material the nozzle is made of, it is desirable to cover it with lubricant to avoid injuring the partner's mucous membranes.


  • damage to the genital organs, including erosive;
  • Circulatory disorders in the pelvic area (varicocele, thrombosis);
  • inguinal scrotal hernias;
  • A condition of severe alcohol intoxication;
  • cardiovascular diseases.

You can not use nozzles for other purposes: if the product is not intended for anal or oral sex, it is dangerous to use it as such. Microtrauma does not manifest itself immediately.


Penile appendages can successfully replace a penile prosthesis, improve the quality of sexual intercourse and diversify sensations. The level of satisfaction with the use of products largely depends on the right choice of size and purpose.