Penis enlargement at home: how to enlarge a penis with soda?

A common and very common problem for many men is the size of their sexual dignity. Basically, this complex can appear out of the blue just because you lack the inches to please a partner or just not being able to take advantage of it.

Doctors say that a penis less than 8 centimeters when erect is a fairly serious abnormality.

Baking soda for penis enlargement

Can you increase with soda?

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a unique, non-toxic, but very useful and effective substance known to everyone. Soda is used in almost all areas of life, including for therapeutic purposes.

Soda can be used to improve men's health in general as it works in a fairly broad aspect:

  1. Eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, cleans the genitals;
  2. Stimulates testosterone production;
  3. Removes toxins from the body;
  4. It has a positive effect on the initial symptoms of prostatitis;
  5. Eliminates inflammatory processes.

To answer the question of whether it is possible to influence the size of the penis with the help of soda therapy, it is necessary to analyze the main property of sodium bicarbonate - the activation of blood circulation. When soda is ingested, the process of blood thinning in the body begins, the vessels expand, due to which blood flow normalizes. Soda has no direct effect on penis enlargement. Its action is to activate blood flow to the pelvic organs.

The use of soda in the form of compresses and baths, that is, locally, stimulates intensive blood flow to the organ, as a result of which the cavernous bodies expand, the erection becomes long and full, and the genital organ increases in size.

In some men, the penis is less than 10 cm when erect. In such a pathological condition, the use of soda will not give results, the problem can only be solved through medical intervention.

Normal penis size

Doctor's Advice: How to Safely Enlarge a Penis


"Many of my patients are interested in me: does soda help with penis enlargement? My answer is always unequivocal - no. Penis enlargement with tea soda is not only ineffective, but also dangerous for men's health. For men who want to enlarge the penis without surgery, I recommend using topical sprays, gels and ointments. All modern medicines have been clinically tested and approved by the World Health Association. "


"Desperate men who are not satisfied with the size of their penis are ready to take any measure. Some people think that increasing the proportion of drinking soda will produce some results. This product is none other than sodium bicarbonate which is a local irritant. Since baking soda doesn't affect penis enlargement any more than a regular scrub for washing, don't expect miracle effects. In addition, sodium bicarbonate particles injure the sensitive skin of the penis, which inevitably leads to the appearance of microcracks, which can subsequently lead to the development of infections. If you want to increase your manhood, I recommend using safe modern means.

Useful properties of soda

Baking soda contains a bicarbonate anion and a sodium cation. The combination of these substances when entering the human body has a positive effect. After taking soda, the acid-base balance is normalized within a few minutes, which leads to:

  • blood pressure stabilizes;
  • existing edema decreases, since soda acts on the kidneys, removing harmful acids;
  • the degree of oxygen uptake through the tissue envelope increases;
  • Energy and biological processes are restored at the cellular level;
  • hemodynamics return to normal.

Soda helps with:

  • Bronchitis;
  • Heartburn;
  • fungal infections;
  • burns, especially acid;
  • Problems with the skin of the face and hair, with plaque
  • Obesity. Baths with soda will tone the body and get rid of extra pounds.

Under the influence of soda, due to the healing processes in the body after ingestion: general well-being and mental state improve, that is, appetite, mood and working capacity increase.

Instructions for use

Before starting to use the method, a sensitivity test must be carried out. On a small area of \u200b\u200bthe skin of the penis you need to apply a soda mush. If after 25 minutes there is no burning or redness, you can proceed to the procedure.

The most effective and popular way to increase penis size with soda is massage. For good results, the procedure must be carried out correctly, regularly and taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient. The massage is performed very carefully, since the skin of the penis is quite thin and delicate, and rough movements and strong friction can damage the skin of the organ.

The procedure is carried out in stages:

  1. preparation phase. A soft towel dipped in warm water is wrapped around the penis and left for a few minutes. The action is aimed at activating blood circulation and increasing the elasticity of the skin of the organ. Repeat the process 4 times within 20 minutes.
  2. massage. The manipulation technique should be aimed at stretching the penis. Massage and stretching help evenly distribute the restored high blood flow through the veins. Soda must be used during the procedure. Before that, a soda paste is prepared (a small amount of soda is diluted with water to the consistency of a paste), which is gently rubbed into the tissues of the penis. You can also use the substance in powder form, however, in dissolved form, soda is better absorbed and gives a good result.
  3. The final stage.After the manipulation, you need to relax and lie down. If you immediately get up and return to the normal rhythm of life, the body perceives this as stress, which affects the restored blood circulation.

The patient's good mood during the massage, a relaxed state is the key to a good result.

In addition to the massage, there are other recipes for penis enlargement with baking soda.


2 packs of soda are dissolved in several liters of water and the concentrated solution is placed in a water bath. The duration of the procedure is no more than 20 minutes. After that, you need to take a contrast shower to restore normal blood circulation. An alkaline bath increases the penis and improves overall health, since under the influence of soda the metabolic process in the cells of the dermis increases, foci of inflammation on the genitals are eliminated, and the development of prostatitis and malignant diseases is prevented.

A base bath can be replaced by mini baths. Dissolve 1 teaspoon in a glass of water. Soda and lower the penis there for no more than 15 minutes.


Dissolve 3 teaspoons in 200 ml of water. Sparkling water. The resulting solution is moistened with gauze and attached to the organ. The procedure should not take longer than 15 minutes. To increase the effect, a drop of essential oil can be added to the aqueous solution.

ingestion of soda

The combination of massage, compresses or baths with the use of soda inside will help to achieve the highest efficiency. According to the instructions, soda should be drunk twice a day. You should start with a minimum dose of 1⁄4 teaspoon and gradually increase to 1 tablespoon.

For effectiveness, all procedures must be carried out regularly for several months.

preventive measures

In order for the use of baking soda to increase the male organ to be beneficial and not lead to complications, it must be used with the observance of the following precautions:

  • reasonable approach. Do not abuse soda by rubbing it into the penis several times a day, otherwise there is a risk of a severe burn.
  • Do not use for procedures in case of allergic reactions.
  • Do not apply soda to injured, damaged skin (scratches, abrasions, rashes, herpes, abrasions, etc. ). If you ignore this point, then the sores and rashes on the penis will worsen, and the man will need medical help.
  • Solution and powder do not have to be rubbed into the skin too intensively.
  • Avoid contact with the corrosive composition of the mucous membrane of the genital organs.
  • Do not use a product with a suspicious color and repulsive odor.

With congenital pathological malformations of the penis, soda therapy aimed at increasing the organ is prohibited.

recipes for propagation

The combination of soda and certain ingredients allows you to get compounds that allow you to increase the penis at home.

  1. Soda mixed with olive oil. The action of this unique blend is two-fold: sodium bicarbonate normalizes blood flow to the pelvic organs, especially the penis, the oil nourishes the tissues, gives elasticity and a healthy look. After such a peeling, the penis will become stronger.
  2. Pasta with honey and soda. 1 teaspoon of soda is mixed with 0. 5 tsp. liquid honey, applied to the organ and left for a few minutes. After the procedure, you need to wash off the ointment with warm water.
  3. Balm "Asterisk" and soda.The composition of the balm includes useful essential oils that have a beneficial effect on the body, activating blood circulation at the site of application and normalizing metabolism. A little more than a match head is added to the soda paste and mixed. The resulting mass is applied to the embankment. If a burning sensation occurs, the product should be washed off quickly with cold water.


The use of soda for massaging the penis or lotions is not allowed if:

  • There are rashes or sores on the organ;
  • Individual intolerance to the substance is observed;
  • There are certain pathologies of the penis.

Oral sodium bicarbonate is not recommended if:

  • Chronic gastritis or other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by disturbances in the acid balance in the body;
  • ulcer diseases;
  • Allergy to soda.

It is important to know that using expired soda is harmful to your health. If the package says that the product has not expired, and the powder has a yellow color and an unpleasant odor, then using such a product is not recommended.

possible side effects

Side Effects of Baking Soda

The most common side effects when using soda: a feeling of corrosion of the delicate skin of the organ, pain and discomfort in the groin. It will take a long time to restore the damaged epidermal cover. This should be taken into account when deciding whether to use the product on a regular basis.
Baking soda kills beneficial bacteria, neutralizes opportunistic microflora, and deals a devastating blow to the immune system. As a result, such unpleasant diseases as candidiasis, balanoposthitis or balanitis can develop.
Serious side effectscan occur in people with:

  • Individual intolerance to soda;
  • hyperacidity of the stomach (there is a risk of stomach ulcer);
  • Sensitive skin (there is a risk of irritation, allergies and inflammation).

Also negative consequencescan occur in men with malignant tumors (soda creates a favorable environment for the further development of cancer cells) and in men with a history of diabetes mellitus.

General, if you follow the precautions and do not abuse the procedures, there will be no side effects. Therefore, before using soda, you should check the expiration date, do not exceed the dosage, massage with scrubs with extra clean hands and refrain from using the product in the presence of the above contraindications.

Other magnification methods

Alternative medicine offers different ways and prescriptions for penis enlargement. Herbal medicine is often used to enlarge the penis.

For this purpose, decoctions, infusions of various medicinal plants are used. Popular:

  1. Ginko Biloba. To increase the penis, the leaves of the plant are used, since it is in this part that the greatest amount of enzymes and useful trace elements suitable for the production of active substances and extracts have accumulated. The action of the plant is aimed at normalizing blood flow to the penis, after use the man feels an increase in sensitivity, increases endurance.
  2. Ginseng. The plant is used to combat impotence and sexual dysfunction. Using ginseng increases blood flow to the genitals and enlarges the penis.


  • Infusion of crushed and whole ginseng roots. 20 g of the plant are poured over with 200 ml alcohol (70%). Use 20 drops twice before meals;
  • honey infusion. 0. 5 tablespoons of honey is mixed with 300 g of crushed ginseng root and infused for 20 days. Take 1 teaspoon three times a day before meals.

Various massages of the penis and balls are considered effective. Very popular is the Thai massage with a selective effect on the biologically active zones responsible for the functioning of the penis. Other procedures and exercises are also used, with the help of which the blood flow to the genitals is restored, the skin and all internal tissues of the penis are stimulated, thereby increasing the size of the penis.

All procedures with soda should be carried out after checking the body's reaction to the substance, including after consulting specialists.