How to enlarge your penis with a vacuum pump

Penis enlargement with a vacuum pump

There are quite a few men who are unhappy with the size or shape of their penis. In addition, every third person is concerned about an uncertain erection. There is an effective solution to these problems – a vacuum pump. In the article we will tell you how to use a vacuum pump correctly, how to choose it correctly and what are the techniques for penis enlargement.

Is it possible to increase the member with pomp

An erection pump is a device used to increase blood and lymph flow to the penis through vacuum.. The device consists of a piston (cylinder) and a pressure reducer. The procedure for "pumping" a member is calledpump. Similar devices are also used by official medicine for LOD therapy. It helps stimulate blood and lymph flow and improve erection. With regular exposure, the cavernous bodies expand and retain more blood, the penis becomes larger, making penis enlargement with a vacuum pump possible.

The working principle of the vacuum penis enlarger

How the pump works:The penis is placed in a bottle, the edges of which are pressed firmly against the groin, then a vacuum is created in the container. The penis is formed by erectile tissue, which consists of a large number of cavities. The greater their potential volume, which fills with blood when aroused, the larger the erect penis. The tissues are stretched due to the increased blood and lymph flow in the vacuum, and when they return to a normal environment, they return to their normal state.

By its action, an erection pump is a kind of analogue of drugs:quickly stimulates an erection with a single use and improves the functionality of the erectile tissue in one stroke.With regular pumping, the contraction of the tissues gradually becomes incomplete, they expand. That's the goal of most men who train with pomp.

The degree of expansion of the penis is limited by the so-called tunic(This term is often found on the forums of NUPers, supporters of natural penis enlargement). This is a protein membrane that covers the cavernous bodies. The tunic is necessary to maintain an erection - it compresses the veins of the penis and prevents blood from flowing out. Without stretching the fibers of the tunic, it is impossible to enlarge the penis. The effectiveness of the exercises depends on their density and the number of layers. These parameters are individual for each man.

Types of pumps, pros and cons

By the nature of the work environment affecting the member,Pumps are divided into vacuum and water. In the first case, air is used. Types of vacuum pumps:

  1. On manual control. As an air blower - a rubber pear or lever. A pressure gauge and a relief valve are provided for pressure control;
  2. On autopilot. A vacuum is automatically generated in the pump;
  3. vibrates.

Advantages of vacuum enlargers:

  • Enlarging the penis and improving erection by improving blood flow in the penis;
  • Affordable, unlike hydro pumps and penis enlargement surgeries.


  • Possible side effects of training: bruising, brown spots. All this is a consequence of microtrauma and capillary ruptures from excessive exposure to the device;
  • With improper prolonged use, the member may lose sensitivity.

Hydraulic pumps use warm water as the working medium. The more it drains from the bottle, the more the penis "pulls".There are 3 types of water pumps:

  • Classic. One end of the plunger goes into a corrugation, which is pressed against the groin and acts as a pump: when pressed, the water drains through the valve at the other end;
  • combined. Water can be drained both with the help of corrugated cuts, and by squeezing a pear with a through hole connected to the other end of the plunger by a flexible hose;
  • With automatic control.

Hydro pumps are considered the most efficient and safe, but their price is several times more expensive than vacuum pumps..In warm water, the likelihood of tissue injury is much lower, since no critically low pressure is created, the penis warms up well.

Some enterprising men buy a vacuum pump with a long cylinder, pour water into it so that the head of the penis is hidden, but the level does not reach the top (water should not get into the tube). When air is pumped out, the vacuum air pump starts to work on the water principle.

How to choose a vacuum pump

When choosing a pump, it is necessary to consider not only the principle of operation, but also the size.The bottle should be 5 cm longer (plus 2 cm if you are overweight) and 1-2 cm wider than the erect penis.If the pump is to be used to stretch the penis, you can choose a narrow bottle, if the work is to the girth, then wider(Add 4-6 cm to the girth of the erect limb). Since the devices are characterized by diameter, the value obtained by measuring the circumference of a component should be divided by the pi number (3. 14).

Pumps with pistons that are too wide for penis enlargement are useless for the following reasons:

  1. The protein shell does not stretch well, the cavernous bodies are not fully involved.
  2. The member will be flooded with lymph, the foreskin will grow beyond measure.
  3. The skin on the testicles pulls during exercise, causing serious discomfort.

In narrow flasks that are tightly fitted around the circumference, the glans is subjected to too much force, causing it to suffer microtrauma. Approximate parameters for the selection of pumps are given in Table 1.

Table 1. Indicative parameters for choosing a piston

Girth of penis (work to increase volume) Girth of penis (works to increase length) Pump diameter in inches (2. 54 cm in inches)
6-8 8-10 1st 5th
8-10 10-12 1, 75
10-12 12-14 2
12-14 14-16 2nd 25th
14-16 16-18 2nd 5th
16-18 18-20 2, 75
18-20 20-22 3

With borderline penis parameters, it is better to choose a smaller pump size.

The piston must be strong and transparent, and the rubber parts must be elastic.. For permanent penis enlargement, the device is used regularly, so it is important to purchase new components for the pump (pump, pressure gauge, bottle, seals).

For maintenance, after each use, the pump bottle is washed with a mild detergent and treated with an antiseptic solution and wiped dry. Knots and clasps should be left loose for extra drying. Pump veterans recommend regularly lubricating the pump with sewing machine oil.

Prices, best models and sources of supply

The largest selection of pumps in online sex shops, some models can also be bought in sex shops. The simplest (with a hand pump) vacuum pump for penis enlargement costs$10. Product with a rubber pear -from $35. The cost of an electric pump startsfrom $50. Products from the American manufacturer are considered high quality. price startsfrom $150.

categoryhydro pumpProducts from the British manufacturer are preferred. Prices varyfrom $180before$500.

Hydro pump for penis enlargement

How to make a do-it-yourself penis pump?

It is impractical to make a pump with your own hands when there are quite cheap options on the market. However, if you want to exercise such creativity, the following materials will be needed:

  • Plastic cylinder (glass can break). You can adapt a baby bottle for this;
  • Flexible hose. Suitable from a dropper;
  • Pear or piston device. As the latter, you can use a large syringe.

The bottom of the bottle is cut off. An incision is made on the other side, in which the hose is fixed with a sealing compound. The second end of the tubing attaches to the nose of the syringe. Homemade pump is ready. You can also make a device out of a compressor or a bicycle pump.

Homemade pump option

How to enlarge a penis with pomp - pumping techniques

There are two methods of penis enlargement with a pump: packing and classic pumping.Packing (translated from English means "packing") - work on the length of the penis. A narrow butt is used for this. This technique is optimal for curved components, since with wide hollow boxes the bending angle becomes stronger, the length is lost. ThePenis when placed in a narrow bottle needs to be lubricated.

With classic pumping, the emphasis is on increasing the volume of the penis, a wide bottle is used. Between sets, you can do an exercise to push through the spongy body that surrounds the urethra (more on that below).


You can start classes only after a preliminary study of the instructions for the pump. It is necessary to prepare in advance a lubricant (not oil-based), which will serve as a sealant when pressing the edges of the piston to the groin.

  • Warming up is the first step.. Before inserting into the cylinder, the penis must be heated with steam or warm water for 5-10 minutes.
  • The second stage - jelq (jelqing) - a penis enlargement technique. The procedure is performed on a semi-erect organ. The technique is simple: the penis is grabbed at the base ("OK-Grab" - a ring formed by the thumb and forefinger), then with light pressure the ring moves towards the head and the second hand for at least 3 secondstakes over immediately. Before using the pump, the penis can be kneaded with one of the many jelq techniques. 50-100 repetitions are sufficient.
  • The third stage is the placement of a semi-erect penis in the pump bottle. First you need to apply lubricant to the pubic bone (do not touch the scrotum) and the base of the bulbous cuff, which is then gently pressed into the groin skin (it is better to remove the hair beforehand - they disrupt the seal). ). Give the pump a few strokes and check for leaks.

For executionSpongy Body Pushing ExercisesYou need to pull the skin of the penis towards you as much as possible, then place your thumb at the base on top and the rest below, practically sinking them into the scrotum. In this area there is a notch between the erectile tissue through which the central urethra can be felt. Then you need to strongly squeeze the penis (so that the lower fingers "drown" and try to touch the upper one) and slowly pull it towards the head. When moving back, the grip is slightly weakened. Repeat 10-15 times.

Advanced pumpers recommend doing the procedure in several short batches, alternating with Jelq. Regular massaging prevents accumulation of lymph under the skin of the penis ("donut effect", "lip").In the first 2 months it is sufficient to do 3 sets of 15 minutes each, with 1 minute of jelq in between. Advanced users continue with sets of 20-30 minutes.

When using the pump for the first time, it is important to get a feel for how the regulator behaves:The pressure is carefully adjusted to a maximum of 3 inches of mercury, then the sensations are listened to. After 10 minutes, you can inflate the pressure by 1-2 units, hold for 5 minutes, let in air and remove the pump. Lubricate member and "milk" with jelq. With the second and third approach, the working pressure increases by 1 and 2 units, respectively.(only if it is convenient).The procedure ends with a jelcom(50-100 repetitions) and lubricating the member with an ointment against bruises. A new session the next day starts with the previous level.

The optimal pumping time is 15 minutes.(regardless of the level of knowledge). The tissues of the penis are saturated with oxygen in the intervals, the risk of their necrosis is reduced.

The optimal pressure in the pump, according to "veterans", is 2-4 HgAnd not just for beginners. Some try to increase it until the appropriate sensations appear in the penis, but such measures can stop growth. Doctors' Opinion: A pressure higher than 5 Hg seriously impairs blood circulation and can cause irreversible damage to the structure of the penis. Ultimately, the individual sense of comfort is decisive.

The pump training routine is designed to give the tissues time to recover.There should be 2-3 rest days per week. For the best result, pumping can be combined with manual techniques (clamps, stretching with an extender, hanging, July). All of these exercises will be much more effective if done immediately after pumping.

Vacuum extender helps improve pumping resultsIt is recommended to use the Loop Extender in conjunction with a vacuum pump

According to user reviews, with proper use of the pump, sustained penis enlargement can be achieved after 3-5 years of regular practice. After about the first 10 months, the length will increase by 2-3 cm, but if you stop training, the increase will gradually disappear.

Safety rules and contraindications

The biggest mistake most men make when using a pump ishurry up. The principle "the more the better" does not work here.You cannot train longer than the prescribed time and more intensively than the permissible norms. This won't lead to a quick result, howeverThere will be negative consequences:

  • The erection will go away, it will take a long time to recover;
  • The penis will have a "worn" appearance;
  • The rupture of blood vessels leads to the release of blood from the urethra;
  • The skin of the penis darkens, hematomas appear on it, including internal ones - and this is pain and a high risk of scarring (leading to irreversible erectile dysfunction).

If there is pain or burning during exercise, you need to remove the pump and massage the penis. There shouldn't be any complaints. The penis needs to be lubricated before it is placed in the pump. You can use nicotine creams.

Pump contraindications:

  • priapism;
  • Bleeding tendency;
  • fragility of blood vessels, atherosclerosis;
  • Inflammatory infectious processes in the pelvic area;
  • The use of painkillers.

Before buying a pump you mustconsult a doctor. Ideally, it is desirable to be tested for infections,Check the condition of the vessels of the penis and the entire small pelvis. The survey helps with identificationhidden problems in the form of blood clots, neoplasms, strictures. All these pathologies will immediately worsen when using the pump.


We collected some feedback from the NUPer forums.

  • "I started using a vacuum pump - I liked the sensations, but apparently I overdid it with pressure and time (I worked 1. 5-2 hours a day). As a result, the erection disappeared. Only recovered after 2 weeks. The device is effective, indispensable for those who urgently need to improve their erection before a date, but it is important not to overdo it.
  • "Through my three years of pumping experience, I've learned the following: 3 sets of 10 minutes is better than 1. 5 hours. The penis has grown by 2 cm, erection problems have disappeared and no side effects: the color of the penis is normal, it has not turned into a sharpei.
  • "Pumps from the American manufacturer are the best: the pump does not break, the pressure gauge is accurate, the cylinder fits perfectly, the fastening system is free of unnecessary gaskets, seals and other devices that fall off and crack. "
  • "Bought a vaunted British pump. Do not want it. Reasons: 1 - the corrugation is too hard (if you press it down, you will get a bruise on the pubis), and 2 - you have to deal with such pomp in the bath or shower, and this is unprofitable for those whohave a counter.


First of all, the pump is an effective tool for increasing erection hardness by training the blood vessels (especially important for middle-aged men). Increasing the length and volume of the penis is more of a "side effect", but many strive for it. The training takes patience and time, but it really helps to achieve results.