Choosing the best means for penis enlargement

A man's confidence depends on the size of his penis

Men's self-confidence directly depends on his dignity, although everyone knows the statement: "Size is not the main thing. "

If a man's penis isn't big enough in his opinion, he's willing to take many risky steps to make his "friend" a little bigger.

Thoughts about improving one's body often come to mind when one's partner isn't happy with the sex. Think variety, foreplay, different positions, use sex toys, etc. Don't rush to extreme measures!

There are no norms. Of course, on the Internet there are statistics about a man's race, genetic characteristics, height and weight, but this is not a standard.

The norm for an adult man in a state of excitement is a length of more than 8 centimeters. If the length is less than 8, but more than 2 centimeters, it is called a "small penis". Micropenis is called a phenomenon in medicine when the "dignity" is less than 2 centimeters.

Knowing how to properly measure penis size is important.

Length affects sex life and health only in critical cases, when the penis is less than 5 cm.

Women think size doesn't matter

Doctors' recommendations

There are several official medical reasons why doctors may recommend artificially increasing the length or width of the penis.

  1. mentally

    Psychologists can advise their patients to increase the penis if, due to its insufficient size, a man suffers from complexes that interfere with the development of healthy relationships.

  2. Medical

    Medical causes include diseases such as cavernous fibrosis, epispadias, hypospadias, Peyronie's disease, the consequences of trauma or physical mutilation.

  3. Functional

The functional reasons for the intervention of doctors include a meshed or hidden penis, an excess of fibers in the groin.

Which of these are the most effective?

Now many drugs are positioned as a means of penis enlargement, but it is worth delving a little deeper into the topic and familiarizing yourself with effective methods.

First of all, the methods are divided into surgical and non-surgical.


Surgery to lengthen or thicken the penis

Surgical means include penis enlargement through surgery under general or local anesthesia.

Surgery is the most effective way to enlarge the penis.and may be directed toward elongation or thickening.

Let's consider each of them in more detail.


There are several techniques, the most popular being cutting the ligaments that attach the base of the penis to the pelvis. This will reveal the hidden part of the causative spot and increase the length of the penis.


Thickening is a more complex process.It is made by inserting other human tissues under the skin.. The material for the operation is usually taken from the buttocks and the sutures are placed in such a way that they are not visible later. This operation givesthe most striking visual result, since the thickness of the penis can increase by 2 centimeters.

During the appointment and immediately before the operation, the doctors inform the patient that there will not be much difference between before and after. When the result is displayed, it is most likely noticeable only in the hanging state, in the excited form the length is preserved. Therefore, the risk of "going under the knife" may not be justified.

Not surgical

Penis enlargement with a pump


The vacuum pump is a special tool for penis enlargement.

It is placed in a cylinder into which, under the action of a vacuum, a much larger volume of blood flows than in the usual excited state.

Then a special ring is put on the phallus, which squeezes the vessels and prevents outflow of blood, thereby maintaining its increased size.

As soon as the ring is removed, the blood will drain out, which means this method is very effective, but only for a short time.

Impotence, skin damage, bruising may occur if the pump is used improperly. It is necessary to be conscious and extremely responsible in the use of funds.


One of the 100% effective means of fast penis enlargement is jets. Of course, they do not increase the organ itself, but many prefer them. And options with vibration for the clitoris and relief for the massage of the G-spot will appeal to every lady.

The nozzle makes the cock bigger during sex

There are basically two types of nozzles: for lengthening, for thickening.

Physical activity

Physical activity refers to special weights, exercises, massage and other means that enlarge the penis. That is, a kindgymnastics. If you think logically, physical activity can work the same way as muscles. However, in order to achieve results visible to the naked eye, you need to engage in such physical education classes regularly, intensively, for a long time and correctly.

The most effective exercisejelqingThe method takes about an hour to complete each day. The exercise consists in pulling the phallus with the hands, always keeping the causal site at rest.

Not inferior in popularity andweighting method, in which a device is placed on the genital organ, which stretches it. The only condition is that the device should withstand at least the time specified in the instructions.The organ can be under weight pressure for up to 8 hours a day.

Like using a pump, weighting and pulling can lead to deterioration in skin condition, the appearance of abscesses, bruising, and rupture of blood vessels. The procedure itself is accompanied by distant pleasant, but even painful sensations.


Chemical exposure relates to useCreams, ointments, gels, sprays, tablets, dietary supplements and other wonderful things.

Under no circumstances should you buy and take penis growth drugs and chemicals advertised on the Internet lightly. Or you need to consult a specialist before buying and using it.

Remember, scammers play with the most important thing for a man - his self-esteem. First they impose on you that 20-25 centimeters is the norm, and then they sell clandestine drugs for incredible money, which not only does not increase the functioning of the genital organ, but can also negatively affect a man's health .

Weight for penis enlargement at home


All of the above methods can be tried right at home.

Of course if you use a vacuum booster you will need to buy a pump and if you decide to use weights you will need to buy them too.

In addition, you must carefully study and follow the instructions for use.

Physical impact on the phallus should be carried out according to the rules:

  1. Before stretching or massaging, the temperature of the penis must be increased. This has a positive effect on the possible results of the exercise. So, the most effective way to warm a "friend" is warm water, under which you need to hold him for a few minutes.
  2. Be careful not to get an erection throughout the exercise. No need to invent complicated movements - pull it away from you, to the sides, down and hold the stretch at the end point of each position for up to 2-3 minutes (until uncomfortable feeling occurs).

    As soon as discomfort arises during classes, you need to stop performing a certain action and in no case bring the stretch to the point of pain!

  3. Take breaks between exercises, gently squeeze and massage the phallus to restore blood flow, being careful not to agitate it.
  4. During exercise, take a comfortable position so that the body is relaxed.

By following these simple rules, you can effectively increase the penis at home using improvised means and folk methods.

What's the best

The best way to increase penis size is through surgery. Usually the procedure itself, long-term rehabilitation, hospital, post-procedure medical observationrequires a large financial investment.

There are underground clinics that perform the procedure at a lower cost, but contacting such an organization risks the health of the whole organism.

On the second placein this nomination - extender.

Extender is one of the best penis enlargers


The Internet is full of sites where you can find rave reviews about the amazing effects of various methods or medicines. They are mostly positive.

Do not rush to test them yourself, remember that scammers do not sleep, and by hitting the sickest, they just want to earn more.

To read real reviews about penis enlargement products, pills, creams or exercises, it is better to search for them in medical journals.

Masculinity plays a huge role in a man's life, work and happiness. Don't let universal standards and opinions spoil your life, becauseJudging by the reviews of women, size is not the main thing!