Top 7 ways to enlarge the head of your penis

The safest way to enlarge the head of the penis is to insert a special gel based on hyaluronic acid.. The active ingredient is hypoallergenic, and this is the main advantage of the method.

Hyaluronic acid is produced in the human body, so it is not a foreign body and is not rejected.

The gel is injected while the penis is completely relaxed.

All manipulations must be performed by a doctor. Since hyaluronic acid is absorbed gradually, the procedure must be carried out at least once a year to maintain the effect.


  1. Before the gel is injected, the patient must pass certain tests. This is done to exclude hidden pathologies that could be contraindications. The doctor treats the head with an antiseptic solution, and then gently injects the anesthetic.
  2. The gel is injected between the internal tissues of the headand the trunk and integuments, after which it is spread under the skin with hand movements.
  3. Once the procedure is complete, the doctor will treat the penis again with an antiseptic and close the head with the foreskin.

The gel is good because it stays evenly under the skin and doesn't pool in one spot. The procedure does not cause asymmetry or loss of natural appearance.

This method is strictly contraindicated in patients with inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system and venereal diseases.

All procedures are performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and last no longer than half an hour.

How to enlarge the penis head?

A man wants to enlarge the glans

There are a variety of ways to enlarge the glans. It is very difficult to guess which of them is most suitable. Usually, at the very beginning, men resort to the simplest and most affordable methods - creams, all kinds of exercises, folk methods.

Only in the event that all efforts are in vain, the representatives of the stronger sex resort to radical methods - injections and surgeries. Below we will go into more detail about each of the methods.


Men who are dissatisfied with the size of the penis often resort to special exercises to get rid of this problem. If you do them regularly, it is quite possible to achieve your goal.

Do not think that the effect will be instantaneous - it will take time to achieve the goals.

However, experts strongly recommend that you spend no more than half an hour on classes every day, otherwise there may be unpleasant consequences.

The following exercises will help increase the head:

  1. "Milking" of the penis.A member in an excited state needs to be pressed with the palm at the base. Then you need to start moving your hand up. Such stimulation increases blood flow, causing the head to increase in size over time.
  2. compression of the penis.It is necessary to compress the reproductive organ until the penis becomes very hard. The exercise should be repeated 10 to 15 times.
  3. Alternating hits on the thighs. Before starting the exercise, you need to sit on a chair and spread your knees as wide as possible. The feet should be on the ground. Blows to the hips should be strong enough, but not traumatic. The sex organ should be in a relaxed state.


Using gels and creams is one of the ways to enlarge the head of the penis

The most common methods of increasing the head include the use of special gels. This method is much less dangerous than surgery.

The only disadvantage is the relatively low efficiency and difficult to achieve results.

Gels based on hyaluronic acid are usually used for this. The principle of influencing is based on the space filling in the head area, which means that the volume is significantly larger.

The technique is completely atraumatic, there is no recovery period and the number of contraindications is minimized.

The gel is injected under local anesthesia. The procedure is carried out only by a doctor of the relevant practice. After all the manipulations, swelling and redness of the tissues may appear. These symptoms should not cause much concern because. are the absolute norm.

Important:Enlargement of the head with the help of a gel is also carried out using the local method. For this, special tools are used, which must be rubbed into the head daily.


The use of different creams gives a fairly quick, but not very long-lasting result. The advantages include relative safety, availability and ease of use.

The most popular are the following tools:

  1. Cream with a very powerful herbal formula based on extracts, protein hydrolysates and amino acids. Immediately after the active ingredients have started to take effect, there is increased blood circulation in the head area, which is the basis of the cream's principle of action.
  2. Cream with a selected combination of plant extracts and oils. With regular use, not only the glans enlarges, but also the shaft of the penis.
  3. A completely natural supplement that has won the trust of many men. Cream with arginine and ginger root extract not only enlarges the glans but also increases sexual desire and erection.

Important:In order not to make a mistake when choosing the cream and get the maximum effect from its application, it is better to consult a specialist on this issue.


A vacuum pump helps to temporarily enlarge the head of the penis

To enlarge the glans, some men use massage devices such as a vacuum pump or an extender. It is worth noting that such devices, as a rule, enlarge the organ in its entirety, and not just a part.

This method has two main advantages - simplicity and convenience. By using a vacuum pump, you can achieve an increase in size, but only before close.

Important:Don't wait for the eternal effect of the vacuum pump. The result obtained will be lost in a couple of hours. Therefore, the pump is only beneficial in terms of instant results.

The downside of using massagers is the need for their regular use.


To increase the head and shaft of the penis, the stronger sex resort to hormonal drugs. Only a doctor should prescribe such funds, because. Any attempt to achieve the desired result on your own can lead to irreparable damage to your health.

Doctors prescribe medication for men in capsule or tablet form. The disadvantage of this method is that such drugs have to be taken for a long time.

It should be noted that hormonal means of increasing the head are used very rarely. And all because such drugs have a number of disadvantages, including high cost, negative effects on the body and a large number of side effects.

home remedies

Baking soda is used as a penis enlargement agent

To increase the glans, folk methods have proven themselves.

Everyone can try them at home:

  1. Sparkling water.You can enlarge the penis at home with the help of soda. To do this, you need to take a hot bath, steam the reproductive organ well and induce an erection. Then apply soda with massage movements and gently rub for 5-8 minutes. Another option: dilute a tablespoon of soda in a liter of water, use as a penis bath. Such manipulations must be repeated every other day for 30 days. If the effect was insufficient, a new course can be completed in a month.
  2. Vaseline.You can change the size of the head by inserting petroleum jelly into the penis. First of all, the genitals must be treated with an antiseptic solution. Then you need to draw 15 ml of petroleum jelly in a small syringe, peel off the foreskin and inject the petroleum jelly into the resulting fold with one injection. The injection should be made at a 45 degree angle. Usually one injection is enough to get the desired result.

    Important:It is worth noting that this method, which many men do on their own, is very dangerous because. very often leads to a number of complications.

  3. ginseng tincture.A very effective means of penis enlargement is ginseng tincture, which can be bought ready-made. The drug is taken 20 drops 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course duration is 2 weeks. If the effect turns out to be mild, you can repeat the application of the tincture in a month.
Promotes an increase in the head of the penis by taking ginseng tincture


The most radical solution to the problem of a small penis head is to enlarge it with the help of surgery.

Changing the size of the head of the penis is essentially plastic surgery, so you cannot do without proper preparation.

Not every representative of the stronger sex can get rid of the problem in this way - the operation has certain contraindications.

It is impossible not to mention the risks associated with surgical intervention:

  • High probability of changing the shape of the penis.
  • The risk of infection.
  • Long preparation time for the operation.
  • Possible loss of sensation in the penis.
  • Long recovery period.

There are different types of penis enlargement surgeries:

  1. granuloplasty. restoration of normal form.
  2. Dissection of the retaining ring. The surgeon releases the end pinched by too narrow flesh.
  3. denervation. The impact on the nerve endings leads to a sustained reflex.
  4. dissection of the foreskin. The narrow skin preventing the crown from being exposed is removed.

The cost of such operations can vary significantly depending on the city, the reputation of the clinic and the qualifications of the specialists.

Possible risks with increasing

Some glans enlargers can cause allergies

With manipulations aimed at increasing the head, there are always certain risks. For example, if a man resorts to creams or injections, then there is a possibility of intolerance to one or another component of the drug.

If you decide to try folk methods on yourself, you should be especially careful when using all kinds of decoctions and infusions - they can cause unpleasant consequences in the form of allergic reactions, gastrointestinal disorders and a general deterioration in well-being.

Injections and surgeries pose the greatest danger - infection is always possible and after the surgery you have to go through a long rehabilitation period.

Before choosing any method of penis enlargement, you need to weigh all the pros and cons, and only then resort to its application.


  • "To increase the head of the penis, I resorted to various folk methods, but nothing helped. I then decided on injections with hyaluronic acid.

    The procedure went fairly quickly, did not cause any undesirable consequences, and most importantly, I managed to get the desired effect. I think this is a very effective way best suited for men.

  • "Because of the small head, I experienced strong complexes. He couldn't make up his mind for a long time, but in the end he fell under the surgeon's knife. Yes, the operation was expensive, but I was very happy with the result.

    I will not hide it - it took me a very long time to recover after the operation, but now without hesitation I can appear completely naked in front of the girl with the enlarged head and, most importantly, give the lady the rest of the heart an unforgettable night of love.

Medium sizes

Men are often haunted by the desire to enlarge the glans

In the course of a large number of scientific studies, it has been established that the male sex organs can vary in size in different men, depending on various factors. The first is nationality and race.

In some countries, it is customary to consider the following penis sizes as the absolute norm: the length of the entire organ is 14 cm, the length of the head is 4 cm. It is worth noting that the measurements were taken at the moment when the reproductive organ was in an excited state.

During measurements, some men may decide that their heads are very small. Such a problem forces them to look for a way that can solve it.