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Almost every woman is dissatisfied with the size of her breasts and almost every man wants to increase the length or volume of his penis. Female breast augmentation practices are well known, but not so well known about ways to please men unhappy with their size. But there are quite a lot of techniques - on the Internet you can find hundreds of videos with drug reviews, instructions with special exercises, descriptions of surgical interventions, etc. Which procedures are the most effective and safe? Let's find out.

A man with a ruler measures the penis before enlargement

The most famous ways

The most well-known medical procedures for penis enlargement are vacuum pump penis enlargement, enlargement with extenders and penis enlargement surgery. Process comparison:

advantages of the procedure

With this procedure, you can achieve the most noticeable enlargement of the penis.

Disadvantages of the procedure

  • A pretty painful procedure.
  • Long postoperative recovery time.
  • There is a risk of the implant being rejected by the body.
  • Scars may remain.
  • A medical indication for surgery is necessary, since this procedure carries a risk of complications, as well as a larger number of contraindications.
  • The most expensive procedure compared to other penis enlargement methods.

costs of the process

The price of penis enlargement surgery depends on many factors (the complexity of the chosen method, the individual characteristics of the patient, the pricing policy of the clinic, etc. ).

As can be seen from the overview of the main methods of penis enlargement, these procedures are quite risky, require the involvement of specialists and significant financial investments. But there is another procedure, which, although not 100% effective, but which you can try for free at home, is a special massage (or special exercises). Let's analyze this method in a little more detail.

Rules and technique for performing exercises

Before starting penis enlargement exercises, a man should learn about some of the features of this technique:

  1. Do not expect miracles from an intimate massage of the penis - no exercise can guarantee a 100% result. For some men, exercise helps, but unfortunately for some, it proves to be useless.
  2. After a few weeks of regular massage, nothing changes. It lasts at least six months or more. So if a man decides to try this method of gaining weight, he needs to be patient.
  3. There is a myth that penis exercises are the same as masturbation. It's not like this. There will be no change from ordinary complacency. Massage for penis enlargement requires compliance with a certain technology.
  4. Since the male penis is a very sensitive organ, the exercises should be carried out as gently as possible. If you disregard the rules, you could be seriously injured.

Penis enlargement exercises are performed according to the following instructions:

  1. Lubricate the penis with a lubricant.
  2. Get into a comfortable sitting or standing position.
  3. Grasp the genitals with your fingers and begin to move from the head to the base. Maintain a strong grip, try to stretch the skin of the penis as much as possible when moving.
  4. With each movement, try to increase the intensity of the grip to increase blood flow. However, do not overdo it, pain during movement should not appear.
  5. Although this organ massage is not masturbation, an erection should occur during these exercises. At maximum arousal, it is necessary to perform finger grips at the base and maintain maximum blood flow in the tissues of the penis. In this case, it is necessary to grab the head with the second hand and make longitudinal pulling movements. Also, these manipulations should in no case cause pain. The penis enlargement exercises described should be performed daily for at least 5 minutes.
  6. After intense exercise, you should lightly massage the organ, and then use a warm compress or take a hot bath.

The main danger of penis enlargement exercises is a possible rupture of the penis if you overdo it with the intensity of the movements or perform penile bending movements. This can lead to tissue tears and associated circulatory disorders. Fracture of the penis is very painful, and if help is not provided in time, gangrene of tissues will quickly develop.

If you are careful with the exercises, there is no danger. In general, they are even useful, as they improve blood flow to the genitals, thereby helping to activate metabolic processes, relieve inflammation in urological diseases, and improve erectile functions.

Is it possible to increase the member and bypass all the unpleasant consequences? The urgent question of all people on earth! So, is there a magical way that you can quickly increase the real size of the penis, and how to avoid even the slightest health problems (how much effort do you have to expend)? Let's try to understand in detail.

"Stronger Than a Sword"

When it comes to penis enlargement, side effects can be both positive and negative. Obviously positive - what they are trying to achieve with home creams is an enlargement of the reproductive organ. Negative effects from similar use of the cream can range from dry skin to severe irritation and rashes.

How to enlarge the penis and what methods can be performed?


  1. With the help of an extender.
  2. Different types of creams.
  3. hydraulic pump.
  4. vacuum pump.
  5. Manual technique (Jelqing).
  6. tablets (other forms of drugs).
  7. Through an operation.
  8. Massage (also at home).
  9. Hang a load.
  10. penis attachments.

According to the manufacturer, with the help of all listed intimate products, you can enlarge the penis up to 5 cm, in the most daring advertising assurances this number tends to infinity. But where is the truth, and what should one really be afraid of, and which of the minuses are expected, and which ones can be blindly "earned"?

Important. Experts believe that it is possible to really increase the length and width of the penis with the help of an operation - ligamentotomy. All other methods are nothing more than a trick of the manufacturers of special tools and the notorious placebo effect.

Brick by brick parsing

To answer the question of the possibility of penis enlargement, you need to go through the most burning issues that bother men so much.

Myths and Facts:

  • When does the penis start to grow? At the age of 10-12 years, it first increases in length, and then in volume.
  • What is normal resting penis size? From 5 to 12 cm, but in stressful situations and cold it can decrease.
  • Is penis enlargement with ointments, tablets, creams, etc. realistic? There are no expert-confirmed facts that the penis has grown to an impressive size when using a cream, pump or extender at home.
  • How can the penis be enlarged? With the help of a very unpleasant operation, during which several incisions are made to get out the hidden part of the penis. Next within 6 months. You must wear an extender.
  • Does penis size decrease with age? Yes, the reproductive organ gradually decreases.
  • Are a man's weight and penis length related? The heavier a man's weight and the larger his waist and hip measurements, the smaller his penis.
  • Is it possible to increase the vacuum pump at home? With a successful increase, the "new" size can last no more than a day. However, there are many disadvantages when using the pump: ruptures of the penile vessels, bruising or deformation of the penis.
  • How effective are the exercises? Since the penis does not consist of muscle tissue but of erectile tissue, no amount of movement will lead to enlargement.

Most experts agree: Enlarging the penis by several centimeters is almost unrealistic, especially at home. Size is inherent and in most cases, those who have a normal penis according to statistics want to enlarge their penis.

minus result

Despite the fact that doctors advise increasing the penis only when it cannot perform normal physiological functions (urination), there are many supporters of dubious methods of increasing size. What "surprises" await those who choose one or another popular method?

Let's take a closer look:

  1. Renewal. More complaints when using an extender with a silicone loop. When fixing the glans, the glans is often pinched due to its low elasticity and blood flow is stopped. Possible damage to blood vessels, the appearance of knots, swollen red-brown strands.
  2. ointments, creams. There are many similar remedies that are recommended for penis enlargement. They are used at home and applied to the penis at different times and for different periods of time. Often there is an allergic reaction to the components of the product, so you need to choose them carefully.
  3. Hydraulic pump (pump). Application can cause bruising or abscesses, micro bruises on the body of the penis. When using a hydro pump at home, few people manage to avoid it.
  4. jelqingWith excessive pressure on the penis and overtraining, bruising can be observed, incorrect movements can cause damage to the penis.
  5. tabletsSupplements have few side effects, but they almost always work in conjunction with an extender or pump. Hormonal drugs for penis enlargement are prescribed only by a doctor, self-administration at home can cause many problems, the most "harmless" are nausea, allergies and intoxication.
  6. The massage has practically no effect on the size, the penis can "grow" a few centimeters not only by characteristic movements. But clumsy manipulations can damage the penis.
  7. hanging loads. How to enlarge a penis with the help of weights and what will the increase be? Currently, this method is practically not used, since the risk of injury is high.
  8. penis attachments. You can actually enlarge the penis and if used skillfully, the jets have a minimum of side effects.

The real way to increase penis size is through surgery. However, the doctors themselves say that if they had known a safe and effective way to increase size, they would have become billionaires a long time ago.

The desire to enlarge the penis indefinitely can leave bruises, scars, discoloration, bumps, erection pain or dysfunction, and empty pockets. How much 1-2 centimeters of growth (they are real numbers) is worth remains a question. But as long as the cult of the "great friend" remains in the world and advertisers cherish that postulate in their minds in every way they can, men will try other avenues, no matter the cost, despite the likely negative results.