Penis Enlargement: Expectations and Reality

naked man statue and penis enlargement

Among the ancient Greeks who created magnificent statues, male figures were created with small penises, demonstrating both masculine power and the ability to restrain sexual desires.

However, if you are confident that your penis is small, comparing your measurements to those found online will definitely not help you feel better. Although you will certainly find many procedures and products (like penis enlargement cream) that promise to increase the size of your penis.

Are these promises too good to be true?

The average penis length of a man is about 10 cm, the smallest penis in the world is only 1 cm long, an erect penis of 2. 5 cm is considered a small penis.

Penis Enlargement - Expectations

Modern medicine has the ability to change the length and thickness of the human penis.

Surgeons can lengthen the penis by severing the ligaments that attach it to the pelvis; but that only makes flaccid penises appear longer. It doesn't do much for an erect penis other than making it more unstable and less hard. Non-surgical methods of lengthening suggest stretching the penis with rubber band machines for several hours a day for several months. Similar to braces, they slowly "modify" the penis and can add 1-2 cm in total.

To make the penis thicker, surgical implants or "grafts" are sewn to the sides of the penis, or fat, silicone, or muscle grafts are placed under the skin to increase the diameter of the penis. These are perfectly viable procedures that result in an increase in diameter, but they can make the penis strange, soft, almost dough-like, and cause complications such as skin erosion or infection that require the removal of all implants. And if it does, the disfigurement can be irreversible and really ruin what was originally quite normal.

So how do you know which one is right for you? what is safeWhat is effective?

To be honest, no way. This is because penile surgery, like all cosmetic surgeries, is aimed more at satisfying the patient's whims and not solving the main problem. This is the reason for the lack of published data on individual penis enlargement procedures, let alone comparisons between them.

Penis enlargement is a reality

However, a scientific article was recently published that reviewed the results of 17 studies on 21 surgical and non-surgical penis enlargement procedures. The results were very revealing.

1192 men with healthy penises undergoing penis enlargement surgery were studied. The vast majority of men who undergo a procedure had normal sized penises prior to the procedure.

Surgical procedures included excision of the suspension ligament (lengthening), fat grafting (circumference), flaps (circumference), and "dismantling of the penis". Non-surgical procedures included injections (girth), extenders (length), and vacuum devices (length)

Among the non-surgical procedures, lengthening definitely increased length, but only< 2 cm Injectables increased girth but were associated with significant complications (lumpy penis).

It is remarkable that the average satisfaction of the treated men was only 20%!

If patients received detailed consultations before any procedure and clarified the details, including the normal size of the penis, then in most cases they refused penis enlargement surgeries.


Be careful when it comes to penis enlargement! Realistically evaluate what you already have and what you will do for not very reasonable fantasies.

Please note that the majority of men (80%! ) who have undergone such procedures are ultimately not satisfied with the result. Get complete information on what can go wrong and how often it happens.

And remember that in the vast majority of cases, attitude and skills are far more important than size, and women don't love you for it at all.