How Much Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

A procedure aimed at increasing the size of the penis can compete with common types of plastic surgery. The tabloids regularly write about how many times a well-known and very sexy actor or TV presenter increased his penis, and their fans want to follow an example from idols.

An experienced doctor knows that the penis does not have universally accepted standards of length, it is wrong to apply such concepts as small, medium or large to it. However, many men still aspire to such an operation.

For them, the insufficient size of the penis is a problem for which they are ready to go even a painful surgical route, not thinking about how much it costs to enlarge the penis.

However, you need to pay a lot of money for this and you need to take such measures only as a last resort when there is an urgent need.

How Much Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost? This directly depends on the operating method used. There are several of them, but in any case the patient will need a lot of money. Below are the variants of such an operation, their specifics and the approximate price.

How much does ligamentotomy penis enlargement surgery cost?

Ligamentotomy in medicine is called a special operation that increases male dignity. It lasts 30 to 60 minutes and is performed under strict general anesthesia. The cost of correction ranges from $200 to $1500.

The ligament of the penis is severed during such an operation and no longer holds it anatomically in the male body. This means that the increase in size is due to the release of a hidden area of flesh.

Ligamentotomy - an operation to lengthen the penis

Rehabilitation lasts up to three weeks. Then the seam dissolves and becomes completely invisible. After discharge, the patient should come regularly for dressing changes. Also, he is recommended to wear an extender. They usually have no physical discomfort after a ligamentotomy. It does not affect the vessels and muscles responsible for erection. The potency is fully preserved.

Features of penile prosthetics and how much it costs to enlarge a penis with them

Installation of an artificial prosthesis is recommended for members of the stronger sex who have serious problems not only with penis size, but also with potency. Many people are embarrassed to have a prosthesis, but the artificial part of the penis looks just like the real thing. Women usually do not even notice such a substitution. Interventions in the body are quite significant. It will take a long time to recover.

Penis enlargement by penile prosthesis

The price depends on the skill of the surgeon performing such work and the direct cost of the implant. How much does penis enlargement cost with such an unusual method? About two thousand dollars for an implant and up to $4, 200 for its installation.

How Much Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

The sex organ can be made not only bigger but also thicker. Lipofilling increases volume at the expense of your own fat cells. You should not expect a long-term and too noticeable result, since the thickening appears by a maximum of 1 centimeter, and after some time it disappears again.

How much does it cost to enlarge penis by pumping some fat in it? About $1350. In some clinics, this number may be higher. It is essential to consult with specialists beforehand.

Muscle tissue transplant for penis enlargement

How much does penis enlargement through muscle transplantation cost?

Also, the surgical way to solve the problem under consideration is to wrap the penis in a piece of tissue carefully taken from the abdominal wall. You will need to remain under anesthesia for up to three hours, and after you come off the anesthetic you will need to abstain from sex for some time.

How effective will the result be? Usually there is an extension of 3-5 cm. How much does it cost to increase penis by this length? From 2000 to 4000 euros. This method is the most expensive, but after using it you will not face the same difficulties.

Regardless of the type of procedure you choose, you should first find out how much penis enlargement surgery costs so that it doesn't become a major blow to your financial situation.

When you watch videos posted on specialized sites, the above information becomes more and more clear. Knowing how much it costs to surgically enlarge a penis, everyone can choose the best way and achieve what they want.